Thursday, August 4, 2011

Priests Get Bitchslapped By Air Force

Hey, who knew that perhaps religion and apocalyptic weaponry don't go well together? It's almost like some kind of non-overlapping magesteria type thing.

Only the religious are of the opinion that they're ethical. Let's see what gems of moral wisdom the Air Force craplains were trying to proselytize to our military's officers. So, after coming to the attention of the chain of command that its officers were being indoctrinated by priests on the ethics of nuclear weapons, they chain of command said, and I quote,

ha ha! Disregard that, we suck cocks

The highlights

The first was the fact that there is actually a slide that makes it clear that they're trying to teach that, under fundamentalist Christian doctrine, war is a good thing.
Here's a goodie!

Revelation 19:11 Jesus Christ is the mighty warrior," another slide read.

Many of the slides in the 43 page presentation use a Christian justification for war, displaying pictures of saints like Saint Augustine and using biblical references.

And the only actual good news is how this came to light:

The Air Force halted the class last week after 31 missile launch officers reported the religious nature of the briefing to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a watchdog group which tries to ensure religious freedom among the troops.
Now, there's a group I think sending a couple dollars of thanks to is well worth the expenditure/consideration. (hey, so is yours truly's blog!)

Braise Jesus!

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Phil Giordana said...

For an interesting take on religion vis the army, you should (if you haven't yet) watch "Joyeux Noel". It's not the central plot, but there is a good look at what craplains can do with regard to troops moral and motivation for war.

Also, if you're a bit sensitive, have a box of tissues ready.