Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Was Bored; Now I'm Cracking Up

So, um, like some of you may remember that good old Greg Laden made the suggestion that men should cross the street to avoid walking on the same side of the road with a woman. To let her know that you mean her no harm.

This has boggled me for a long while now. What is it that would make him think women would that terrified of him that he'd need to cross the road lest he spook these darling little creatures?

Now I've figured it out!


ERV said...

Fuzzy little man peach

Justicar said...


ERV said...

Old Greg gets all the press, but I think the skits with Jazz/The Spirit of Jazz are the best. But I also hate jazz, so I think them making fun of jazz is the funniest shit ever.

Justicar said...

I think you've done too many drugs!

I seriously have no idea why I didn't think of this sooner; I've said in my head 'there goes old greg laden again' at least a dozen times.

Normally, I'm fairly adept at picking out unintentional connections. Like if someone says, "I cannot not see", right away I hear "i can nazi".

Same with those stupid "i'm sofa kingdom" bits; I see them immediately.

Maybe it's a hearing instead of thinking thing that does it?

But as soon as it hit me, I had tears and sore abs.

Of course, so did my Thomas Kincade coffee mug from this morning.


Anonymous said...

You're only going to annoy the PZ-baggers again.

Anonymous said...

If Laden is Old Greg, who in this little drama is the Funk? About the size of a medicine ball, covered in moldy tits?

Although I can see Laden going to town on the Baileys . . . creamy!

Justicar said...

I really should have foreseen that invoking Old Greg this way would have created a monster. lawl.

I have no idea; I'm not great at casting people . . . but It'd be a hoot to watch someone assign a cast.

Munkhaus said...

Yes, Laden is Old Greg, PZ is Bob Fossil.

Erv: You fear Jazz.