Friday, July 22, 2011

Memes, The Latest

Ok, feel free to close this post out as it's pointless.

So, like I started the whole Twatson thing which is now being used on several blogs. It's a micromeme (befitting its subject, natch), and slightly less commonly found, but still at several places, is Jennifer McCreight (rhymes with wrong).  Rystefn (IIRC) correctly tried to turn the latter one into Jennifer McWrong (which I do actually like, but she gets mentioned so little that I forget to use it).

So, these will be either short-lived, or long-lived but elite. That's fine. I just did it mostly as a response to "Dear Dick". After the daycare bit, I've thought about making a counter-letter campaign called something like Dear Dick:  Suckers! We'll see.

Anyway, so, over at Ophelia Benson's place, Aratina Cage (a rat in a cage) has continued true to form:  he's able to keep my name out of his mouth about as long as he's able to keep PZ's ass off of his nose. But now they're developing codes. So, I'm nameless there, which funny. Abbie has an erstwhile nickname from Pepsigate, given to her by Ouellette (let's just call her omelet - she's like a cracked egg anyway) which is The Situation. And over at Ophelia's, whenever they want to link to something involving the current brouhaha, they're starting to do it with The Latest.  I've seen a couple of times. So, I figure that I'm he who can't be named, I might as well just start calling myself "the latest" to foil their plot!

I was amused and I thought I'd waste like 45 seconds of your life. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Actually, she has an online dating profile I stumbled across under the name JenMcWrong, so she picked that one out herself. I cannot take credit for anything except spreading it slightly wider than she already had.

John Greg said...

Oh, The Latest. I goofed then. I thought it was The Location.

I find it truly amazing that those folks, blog-operators who actually censor and ban, call folks like Abbie, who don't censor or ban, "bullies".

I Don;t Get It!

The reality split is strong.

Justicar said...

Oh, that's hysterical. I thought you came up with it yourself.

Yeah, Abbie's The Situation. I'm The Latest. That guy up there is He Who Can't Be Named.

After this is all over, I'll back to going by "Special Agent Rainbowarc"

Spence said...

It is entertaining to watch the logical contortions people go through to ma'amsplain why twatson is unacceptable. One of the funniest ones was Steve Caldwell at ERV. He said he was okay with words like twat but thought it was wrong to mangle names.

So he would be okay with "Rebecca Watson, who is a complete twat" but the sharper and more efficient "Twatson" is just wrong. I really struggle to see the difference between those two. And why use six words where you can use one to say the same thing.

Although I'm probably not in a good place to criticise; I have trouble controlling my redundant verbiage from time to time.

Spence said...

I just stumbled into that link to Ophelia's ("the latest") and read the staggering intellect and logic present in that thread.

Apparently, Abbie used the same word as someone else they don't like, therefore those two people are totally like JUST THE SAME!

I hate to Godwin the thread, but I'd heard Adolf Hitler once said the word "fuck". I hope you're proud of yourself, Justicar, because by that logic you are just the same as him. Or something. You fucking bastard. Ooops now I'm Hitler too. It has been PROVIN by LOGIC and SCEINCE

Justicar said...

Please. I have a tshirt that reads, "What about all the good stuff Hitler did?"

Using the interstate much? NAZI! They invented it, used the Fresnel function to model it and Eisenhower "borrowed" the idea. Hence the "Eisenhower Interstate System" was named.

I notice that in medicine no one pauses for a moment to treat hypothermia following the research of Mengele despite how he tortured people to get the information.

Why people can't differentiate good things people do from bad things people do is beyond me.

You build a thousand bridges and suck one dick, you're a dick sucker life and not a bridge builder.

Anonymous said...

So, apparently, me and The Latest are BFFs, according to some of PZ's sycophants. Behold! Because we have agreed on well-nigh three or four things, we are like unto brothers and nothing shall ever stand between us until the end of time. It's almost funny. Sadly, they keep calling you Justicar, me restfyn (for some reason), and Abbie ERV. Fuckers just can't get shit right, can they?

Justicar said...

ZOMG - you were just a bootie call. Fuck!

Being my regular Saturday night doesn't mean we like each other or anything.

What's amazing is how unlikeable we all individually. Yet, when put all of that unlikeability together, it hits some weird critical mass of civility. It's a social phenomenon worthy of study I should say.

- The Latest

Spence said...

Slightly off topic, but thanks for reinstating the Name/URL posting option. I'm too much of a lazy fucker to set up an account (which is why I never post on Pharyngula etc)

The address is not my own, but a place I spend probably too much time. It is like a quirky slightly more groan up version of 4chan with eccentric British humour. It is only there because if I left the URL blank my browser crashed, so I had to put something in.

Mind you I did stumble across this on the /board:

Does she look familiar to anyone? Oh bollocks, there I go again, being a privileged misogynistic wanker again. I just can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

It's true. Hell, I won't even look you in the face during.

Yeah, and I agree that it's rather odd. Maybe we can find a sociologist or someone to put in a grant proposal... How much to study subjects make? Mostly nothing? Shit. There's got to be some way to turn this into profit.... or at least a decent lunch.

Marco the Beagle said...

Ooh, naming scheme, can I join in? To suit my delicate English sensibilities (snerk) can I be The Smeghead? :-P

Marco the Beagle said...

Ooh, or even better, since this whole load of tatty old bollocks started in Ireland, can I be The Gobshite?

(Side note: I should really think these comments through before posting, since I invariably think of something the nanosecond after hitting "post"...)