Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Veritas Harvard Can Suck

out of my nose during flu season.

I have a somewhat bizarre set of curiosities in life; as a consequence, I track some very random shit. For instance, I have a penchant for British monarchical history.  I have no idea why; it's a completely outmoded institution. Notwithstanding its inanity, it's an interesting topic to me.  Also, if you've read anything I've ever written, even professionally, you will know I have a taste for sarcasm.  Actually, if you've ever read anything I've professionally written, you wouldn't know it's me. I am obsequiously, punctiliously pedantic. It's a complex dance of strangled morphemes, and archaic moves one could only well-describe as a linguistic tango. Of masochism even.

But then I have one-off interests - things over which I wouldn't otherwise have the slightest care.  One of those is who fails to get into what college of their choice; I don't care about what other perfect scoring students have trouble doing - they'll figure something out even if they can't get into, say, Harvard.  Just because I can and they can't doesn't mean fuck all.

Anyway, enough about my having to orate my own intro - you'd be surprised the money we save that way.

Except for this one young lady, who has all of the right stuff, including the most important requirement of all:  an alumnus pedigree.  Alas, Grace didn't have the skill, but she did have the will - she was wait-listed, and decided to write a song during which performance she also gave a token nod to Tom Lehrer. If you don't know who Tom Lehrer is, then shame on you. (He's one of the reasons I went into mathematics.) It's a solo to a piano accompaniment. She plays the piano acceptably if I do say so myself.

Anyway, here's Grace Oberhofer. Oh, one side note, when this story broke in my local news, there were a lot of "journalists" who put up a warning about potential foulness with respect to her promise not to piss on John Harvard's statue. Foul, some said. Or as they say in New York, sophisticated.

Alas, the resolution of this months long interest of mine. Just check out her incandescent glow.

Note to Grace should news of this by her be discav'red:

You are quite skilled and possessed of imminent talent; even though you've been denied the joi de vive of crimson, you will do well as I'm sure you well know.  Mind the steeper walks for an equivalent education as you slide down the razor blade of life.  Fight Fiercely Tufts Ober'ofer

Gaudeamus Igitur,
The Justicar

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