Sunday, July 24, 2011

If Only I Lived in This Universe

I'd love to live a universe where obvious bullshit would get called out for what it is.

Sadly, the reasonable people aren't normally willing to debauch themselves for attention in the same way that our opposition is.  Maybe I should do a study on Madonna and Lady Gaga for pointers.


Anonymous said...

Better ending: "Next time you want attention, release a sex tape. It worked for Paris Hilton."

Tom Ardans said...


Tom Ardans said...

I am coming out of the closet: I am Elevator Guy. I asked Rebecca back to my room for coffee (I am gay, so no sex was meant to be implied). She lied about saying no: we did go back to my room, where she was all over me like paparazzi (used to be) on Paris Hilton. I went ahead and had sex with her. I must say, for my first hetero experience, she was only marginally better than the underage watermelons I prefer.