Sunday, July 24, 2011

God Will Fuck You . . .

. . .up
[edited*. but you can't see what it is because it was in the linkage - sorry.]
I have a small band of internet personalities who just thoroughly amuse the shit out of me.  Claire has a weekly segment called "Coffee With Claire".  How does one describe Claire? She's well-educated and read, has a diverse and penetrating love and knowledge of music, some psychopathic lesbionic obsession with people chasing balls in England that I don't quite understand, a sharp wit and a wry, mischievous sense of humor that is complemented quite nicely with her ability to turn a phrase.  All this she manages with her backwoods hillbilly accent (and a great character named Beulah, of Beulah famous North Carolina BBQ).  She does great pwnage work, and I've before mentioned her geology and geodyssey videos. Seriously, watch them.

For any segment she produces, you simply cannot select better music to accompany it. This includes her weekly Dimbulb of the Week award.  Anyway, this week she has on deck a person whom I think you'll remember from a recent article I blogged.

Here's a short sample of her at work. Below this extract is her full video for today's "Coffee". Click it, follow it to her channel and have a snoop. 


Spence said...

Ha ha, there was me expecting a video on geodetics, and it turned out to be geodyssey, not geodesy.

I lol'd, the video was still excellent, so it all turned out good in the end.

Justicar said...

One day, I'm going to start editing before I hit publish. Meh. I'm too tired to click edit.

Just go watch Claire to compensate for my pathetic typing skills!

Spence said...

To be fair, I think Claire means it to be a play on words, and part of the confusion is caused by my own narrow view on this. Because my "specialist subject" is remote sensing the only time I ever use the word "geodesy" is to refer to global coordinate systems. I tend to forget the word also has a regional meaning, to do with local geological activity.

So it seems this supplied some much needed horizon-broadening for me!