Monday, August 8, 2011

PZ Myers Caught Being Sensitive To Women

I take back everything I've said about PZ being a hypocrite or a liar.  He is clearly not, and I'm sorry for having said so. Please let PZ know, if you have his ear, that I have issued a public apology to him for crimes against gender equality.


dustbubble said...

White-hot! That teeshirt was like, so five years ago?
I even saw one in Glasgow.
Maybe he's nuanced since '06?

Justicar said...

Well, I'm not so sure. After all, he hasn't posted on my blog that he doesn't support child rape . . .

What kind of monster is he?!

Anonymous said...

In case PZ Myers happens to be reading here I just wanted to say "Fuck you you fucking asshole" to PZ Myers.

Justicar said...

Oh, he reads it alright. =^_^=

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

Are you sure that he does not support child rape?
I had heard that at one stage, he supported non-consensual infant genital mutilation.
(But only of males, of course!)
If this isn't rape, what is?
Or is it only rape when Jewish Mohels traditionally suck the infant's penis with their filthy mouths that it becomes infant rape?
Or is it that male infants don't count with your cohort of fem-bots?
Enquiring minds wish to know, PZ!
And it is less than useless to pose this serious enquiry on your blog.

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

(By "your blog", I meant Pharyngula, a word for an exceeding juvenile stage of human development, which describes his current horde to a "T")

wtfbits said...

Nice catch. What a hypocrite!