Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Joke, Seriously

Ok. Let's walk through this, and let's see if I can't get a new law adopted.  I checked wikipedia real fast, and didn't find one that meets my definition; if you know of one, let me know so I can properly attribute it. In the meantime, scroll down for Justicar's Law.

A couple of days ago I made this post in response to this stupid post.  No biggies, I make a couple of posts a day, sometimes funny, sometimes not. Sometimes funny on purpose. One could say on a furious purpose.  Alas, I can't invent some of this shit.  He actually meant it. The bigger names in atheism were to go kneel before him and beg forgiveness.

Gag me with a bloody fucking tampon.  Anyway, here's what he said:
Good evening ! This thread was meant as an opportunity for some of the bigwigs to clarify their position on the Watson-hating that has been going on at ERV over the last month, and their silence is duly noted.
Lawl. He's duly noted their silence. Let me translate that for you. The fact Richard Dawkins doesn't comment on my blog isn't to be duly noted as indicative of anything other than he's Richard Dawkins and I'm that guy who writes on a blog.   Keeping in the spirit of things, I'm also making this thread an opportunity for President Obama to address the American people and explain our economic situation.

Congratulations, atheist bloggers, many of you have become the godless exemplars of Poe's law.
The core of Poe's law is that a parody of something is by nature extreme. That makes it impossible to differentiate from sincere extremism.
A corollary of Poe's law is the reverse phenomenon: legitimate fundamentalist beliefs being mistaken for a parody of that belief.
Justicar's Law: as a movement grows longer, the probability of a schism because of those in the movement mimicking all the undesirable traits against which they've railed approaches 1.

For the lulz, check out this CFI schedule. And this hotel review.


Skepcheck said...

That hotel review is just fantastic.

Scented Nectar said...

Interesting, and funny if true and it tends to happen in movements. Someone should see if it does. :)

MrYellovich said...

I believe Orwell wrote about Justicar's Law in Animal Farm.

Justicar said...

Who reads Orwell anymore?! jk. I'll go look at it to see its terms; I'm happy to properly attribute the phrase I'm calling my law. I just cannot recall seeing it explicitly written anywhere, though I'm quite certain I'm not the first person to notice the features.

I'm not all that clever. =P

fhabets said...

The closest 'law' taht I could think of is this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche:

"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

Copyleft said...

If I had a nickel for every Internet blowhard who announced "Famous Person X hasn't answered my challenge--ergo, he's SCARED OF ME"....

What a pathetically overcompensating ego FPM has.

Justicar said...

Seriously. Even assuming the logic there had some coherence, why does he think somehow he's well known enough that they'd ever notice what's on his blog?

He's like an ER doctor who writes on topical discussion.

I'm a mathematician who writes on topical discussions. Do I think Richard Dawkins is sitting here hitting update on his iphone to see if I've written yet another post he just can't live without reading?

Um. No.


Because I write on a blog. Sometimes, I say something funny on purpose. Like a couple hundred people read my blog from time to time.

But I'm sure President Obama will appreciate that I've loaned my blog to him so he can explain his plans to unfuck our economy; you're welcome, Mr. President.

Phil Giordana said...

Private answer to me from one of the "big names" called to disavow Abbie (I won't give the sender's mail, of course):

"Yeah, I saw it. Do these people not realise how that looks? Metaphors of witch hunts, Stalinist show trials, etc., all come quickly to mind - and it's not even very metaphorical. This is the same kind of phenomenon."

So there's that...