Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gay, Lesbionic Power

Being plugged into the gay hive mind has its advantages. I don't do a lot of talking about queer issues, particularly community ones, because we gay folks are so disparate that to say the "gay community" is as productive as saying Gabrielle's Horn has a fabulous coat of paint on the walls. It's just a complete failure to appreciate the features of thing you're trying to model.

I also am not in the habit of sensationalizing stories to show off "the good gays". Yes, it's true that we're your doctors, teachers, professors, police officers, firefighters, soldiers, politicians, judges, attorneys, pharmacists, fashion and food critics, interior designers. We're also your drug dealers, domestic abusers, alcoholics, janitors, computer hackers, vandals, assholes and slobs.  We're like everyone else except in one respect: how our partner's biology is decorated and accessorized.

Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen

I am told that perhaps the gayness of this couple is what's keeping the story from breaking big. I am not certain that this is the case, but I concede that it's possible in certain parts of the world. Sometimes notable stories just don't get told. And out of that set, some of the people about whom those stories are will be gay, or black, or female, or guys named Sue. In light of that, I try not to be over attentive to provincial concerns that indirectly affect me such that each time a Good Gay does "it" Right and isn't noted I don't attribute it to discrimination.

There is absolutely nothing about this story that is in anyway remarkable except for the merits of the actions taken by two profoundly brave humans who were also at the same time women, and gay, and married to one another.

Why then am I helping this story along? Because, the merits of the story on the actions taken are fucking awe-inspiring. And it was done by two very, very brave humans --> women --> gay --> married --> Norwegians. And it's a story we should present as a model to all people as to what it is to be a decent Great Example of the Human capacity to for compassion, bravery, selflessness and will power to override our baser emotions, provincial emotions.

Ladies, well done. I hope they get a medal or something.

For the haters out here, now a word on how to update your insults to be effective.
Words of wisdom:
It's like telling the Indians to head back to Mexico - it not only makes you a bigot, but an incompetent one at that.


cole said...

In any domain you can find gay people. But what makes me thing about the importance of gay people is that every celebrity has a gay person in her crew even if we talk about artist or actors or even sport players. I recently started a pool on the top rated gay sites to see how many gay people have important jobs because it seems to me that being gay is an advantage to get a good position in any company.

Justicar said...

That fact that you tie importance and gay in any fashion implies that being gay either adds to or subtracts from importance.

If someone has done something important, nothing other than the fact the important thing was done is relevant. Saying "and he's gay" doesn't make it a better deed, or a more important one.