Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jumping the Snark, with Greg Laden

I'm rather apolitical. I'm upfront about that with people; I have almost no time for it, and I don't understand it, and I don't really enjoy listening to politicians talk about anything. Everyone has a plan to fix everything. No one can explain the plan. Therefore, I spend my time on things that I understand, or can understand. Stupid is one of those things.  I can spot that a mile off.

Not everyone shares my compunction in that regard. On the menu between the main course and the bitter backpedaling tiramisu dessert course is a homemade bleach Laden palette cleanser. On the one hand it's effective. On the other hand it's still bleach. He's not a pastry chef so we can forgive him I suppose. Also, he's not a political analyst. Still, you're taking the cleanser whether you like it or not - the overlords have spoken and your rejection has been noted and discarded.

Laden decides to complain that our dear skeptical movement is being harmed by the misogynists like himself. Or maybe me. Someone anyway.  No doubt, we should find a way to pin it all on John C. Welch. Not saying it's his fault or anything, but still we should blame him. And why shouldn't be? He's a hacktivist of unbridled talent, what with leading a one man, one comment DDOS attack like he did and all. Anyway, one thing about the last month in our fair community is that we've seen the political ideologies of many of our brothers and sisters completely replace the "thinking" part in the "free thinking" label.  It's an obvious political gambit, and they're wrong on so many levels.

It therefore was no surprise at all to find Greg Laden complaining that we're not seeing the following exchange between the "skeptical" community and the Congress:

"Mr Smith, thank you for coming to Congress, as a Skeptic, to testify about How to Save the World."
"Certainly Speaker Pelosi, I see it as my duty."
"Excellent. Now, Mr. Smith, would you please tell us why you should be considered a qualified expert in this area?"
"Well, madam speaker, I have a Masters Degree in Science, and years of research experience, and I am a fellow at Big Giant Institute of Smart Stuff."
He does tell us that the Congress has "an informal system" for finding "experts for various purposes." This he knows.  He could well be right that we're not seeing this because some of us use the word Twat as he points out.

Or, maybe--and this is just my theory; I don't want to sound overly partisan here--it has something to do with the fellows at Big Giant Institute of Smart Stuff being too fucking stupid to realize that Nancy Pelosi hasn't been the Speaker of the House for going on 8 months now.

Yes, it all makes sense now. I can see why he's on the wrong side of a political ideology.  I just wish that geneticists would hurry up and make some really groovy advances in the near future so that we can grow Greg Laden his very own vagina that he might get a better return while he's busy fucking himself nine ways to Sunday.

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