Monday, July 25, 2011

I am SHOCKED! A Religious Person Was Less Than Honest!

I'm sure everyone's seen the clip from Ireland wherein Richard Dawkins was approached and questioned on film by a Muslim team headed up, in this particular instance, by Hamza Tzortzis.  You know that crafty one where someone in the audience distracted the terrorist sneak-attack interview that he announced beforehand he was going to do?  Why do I put in terrorist terms? How dare I be so outrageous?  I'm just making up shit like he does.

The terrorism definition became a joke in a recent article where this fucking idiot asks the question:  is jihad terrorism? If he can just define it out of existence, then I get to just start defining things into existence, right?  I mean, you know, to be "fair" and "moderated" in my rhetoric, if he can make shit up, why can't I?  Oh, I remember now:  one of us has ethics.

I'd only seen the video that Hamza's cabal of dipshits had put out, from their little "engage" atheists in "dialogue" to spread the good word of moderate iSham.  Sorry, mullah, if you're a moderate, then I'm fucking the virgin Mary. Or is it I'm the fucking virgin Mary? I forget. Anyway, yeah, boo at you and your "moderate jihad isn't terrorism" bullshit.

I digress.  Now, here's the end of the interview after their cameras went off - crafty atheists had stealth recording technology to capture the counter-insurgency.

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Brad said...

How the hell did I miss that! Thanks.