Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ask a Scientist AKA Rebecca Twatson (part 1)

[edit, for the lulz]
So, I've watched a "program" on which Twatson has appeared. She was "interviewed" on this particularly stupid show, by the Robert W. & Irma M. Arthur-Bascom Professor from the University of Wisconsin Law School. Her name is Ann Althouse, and she seems like a bit of dipshit.  The religious kind of dipshit. The right-wing kind of religious dipshit.  Since I'm being completely objective here, I wouldn't want to give you some insight to the kind of mind Twatson can't wait to give an interview to. That would be impolite.  But, so is implying that President Obama has a lot in common with slaveholders. Here's a snippet of her penetrating analysis of Obama and Boehner and their remarks last night. Apparently, Boehner 'won' in talking to the camera in a way that outshone Obama's ability to stare into a camera and talk:

I'd say Boehner won. Here are the President's remarks. His favorite word was compromise:
I had to stop and think: Is America really about compromise? I thought of the Missouri Compromise. And the Three-Fifths Compromise. Maybe compromise is a dirty word for a good reason!
 So, you just know the interview's going to be great - we have one scientifically illiterate ideological nutter interviewing another. Oh, why does that matter? The name of the show is "Science Saturday", which has under its belt the prestigious Dr. Michael Behe. This douche, John McWhorter,  did the interview gives an overview the estimable Michael Behe and his book of 2007, The Edge of Evilotion. Declaring that he found the book "absolutely shattering. I mean this a very important book."

Get all three of these mental midgets together and I'm sure you'd have an irreducibly competent dribbling contest. And I don't mean basketball (Twatson objects to touching those because of the 'patriarchy').  Anyway, I guess that's enough of a generous introduction to the fucking clown car of stupid heading your way.  The show is like 70 minutes long; if you don't have painkillers like I do, wait until you get some.  My desk giving me head as long as it did definitely will make one sore - just sayin'.

Twatson continues her lie from Ireland about what Paula Kirby said on her panel. It's been discussed all over hell's creation, and addressed and rebutted publicly by Kirby herself. Twatson goes on to tell us that Paula Kirby said and still believes there is absolutely not a jot of sexism anywhere in the atheism movement.  Not one to miss a question, Althouse presses the point if it's because we atheists are so smug and superior being as intellectual as we are that we think we've transcended mere trivialities of equality for the sake of making a good public showing. Or something.

Twatson defends us. We're no more smug than the religious are smug. And we're not more misogynistic than they are either. And Twatson accepted the premise of that she has called for a boycott girlcott of Dawkins.  But we already knew she'd lie about all of this.

Let's get to the science. I was in no hurry to get to it because in the show they were in hurry to talk about anything resembling science that I know.  Say, if you are an actual scientist, and I mean a real scientist (lab jockey), can you please e-mail me to let me know how boring you find your "lab" science? Granted, there was another caveat Twatson had with that "friend" of her and a "lab" scientist - apparently, they find it boring as all fuck. She has "plenty of scientist friends" who find just so boring. This comes after her announcement that she lost interest and inspiration in science because her teachers taught her that science is just rote knowledge, but magic is what did it for her. Thank FSM that she magic spurred her on to--according to her CV--get that degree in science she has from Boston University.
Twatson CV Screen Capture

Credit Load Requirements for Twatson's Science Degree from Boston U.

Well, that's the introduction. I'll flesh this out more as time goes on, but I have surgery in the morning. So, part 2 will get done when I feel up to thinking again.

While I'm getting poked and prodded, I thought I'd invite two strong, beautiful, and funny women to give you guys their opinion on how Twatson treated the queen of poise and dignity herself, Ms. Stef McGraw.

So, Aratina Cage has demonstrated his outright pusillanimity over at Twatson's place.  Upon seeing a disagree in the comment section, instead of taking the slightest effort to show one side's failure of reasoning, he shows his true inner cowardice:

Then I don’t suppose you would like to take your whine over to Pharyngula where it will be roundly dissected and defeated in a couple of minutes?

That's right. Not being in the throes of a mob with the complete inability to think independently on this matter, he invites the person disagreeing with Twatson on Twatson's blog about something Twatson said and did on which she later wrote and published an article on her own blog, he has to tell the commenter in question to go to another blog that has more people on it all of whom write en masse the same kind of nonsense in order for him, Aratina Cage that is, to be able to address an issue on its merits.
Indeed, he needs the support of his fellow retards who by sheer force of numbers and argumentums ad hominem will mount something Aratina Cage considers a good rebuttal.  I guess just lobbing the same stupidity he shows at Pharyngfuckyoula where by popularity it's effective at burying what one says in a sea of stupid, he has caught on that his particular brand of stupidity isn't effective without enough numbers to join him.

What a fucking retard.

Translation: I have no argument, and neither does anyone else here, but come to where I hang out because we have a thousand people willing to repeat the same nonsense. Since you can't simultaneously address each person individually, we are right.


ERV said...

Pffff 'science'. "Who the hell likes 'science'?" asks the two dumb asses on ScienceSaturday.

Justicar said...

How dare you speak that way about one of the pre-imminent scientists of our time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.000050!!!!!!!!!!

ERV said...



She thinks the guy who approached her was 'bold and confident'!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Alice said...

"She thinks the guy who approached her was 'bold and confident'!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Why is that funny?

ERV said...


Justicar said...

Alice, for reference as to why that's funny please see everything that's been written by and about her over the last month.

I'm trying to keep abreast (teehee) on all of this, ERV, but my incessant need to keep passing out drugged is interfering!

*hands head in shame*

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wasted the whole break between winter and spring quarters being drugged out of my head from oral surgery, so I can sympathize. I couldn't even handle any glassware during the first lab because I was still too drugged up for that to be safe... You know who I feel for? The poor 19-year old kid having to do the delicate work with my drugged out insanity calling over her shoulder, "no, that's no good, pour out point zero zero zero zero... zero is a funny words, don't you think? zzzzzzzeeeeeeeerrrrrroooooo.... zero one mils and you're golden. What? pipets are for chumps, just pour it... but don't spill it, you'll die."

Justicar said...

Oh, enough about your boring stories from science in a "lab". Sheesh.

Before I went to college, a news story came out about a prominent chemist who made the tiniest of mistakes through inattention that killed her.

She was an expert on the field of toxic metals, and through one moment of "oops" her death was irreversibly determined by the metal's touching of her protected hand, through her latex glove. She failed to properly use the right kind of latex glove, and it cost her her life.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, these things happen from time to time. Chemists, as a general rule, are daredevils and adrenaline junkies, by simple virtue of going into the field. The ones who do explosions all the time are actually the safest of the lot.

I should not be allowed anywhere it, honestly. The world would be safer place with me doing physics.

ERV said...

Something similar-but-not-deadly (if you say it wasnt as bad as what happened to Wetterhahn you are degrading my life experiences and emotions, BAWWW!!!) happened to me. I was cleaning some special glass plates with a super caustic acid. Bossman was like 'YOU HAVE TO WEAR THESE SPECIAL GLOVES!!!' except... he handed me the non-special gloves...

So Im cleaning the plates, and I keep leaving finger marks on everything, so Im like 'Bossman, wtf?'

He stares at me for a second, thinking, and then screams "TAKE THOSE GLOVES OFF NOW!!!"

So I drop the plates and rip off the gloves... and they promptly melt in a puddle on the bottom of the sink.

Me: "LOL. You tried to kill me."

Science is so boring.

Justicar said...

Dear Sciencelima:
Yes, Yes, I know that . . . yawn . . .

Look, ERV, if you really thought this was something, you'd make a fucking youtube video that's about 9 minutes long and include a good 30 or 45 seconds of it talking about this issue.

You're so such an insincere, attention whoring useless person! I'm just going to guess that you must be a woman. Seesh!

I'm fairly certain you meant to end that nontroversy with, "Science is soboring." Your [sic] doing it McCreight (rhymes with McWrong)!

Rob said...

I would have been nice if a real scientist would have been included. You know, someone that actually knows something about science, rather than having a degree in Communication or Fine Arts. It's like some meathead on a climate science blog telling people that the greenhouse effect is physically impossible, yet not knowing the first thing about spectroscopy.

Justicar said...

Rob: that is indeed true. However, to give Twatson the benefit of the doubt there, Althouse is batshit crazy. But putting that on one side, Twatson should have researched who was going to interview her.

Then again, research, facts, logic, these things all seem to foreign to her. Bleh.

Munkhaus said...

"Dear Sciencelima"

I did an actual laugh out loud, or "ROLF" as I believe your people say.

Justicar said...

Thanks a ton. I'm glad to know that being drugged up on opiates hasn't made me funny only to myself!

Anonymous said...

So Becky is a Libra? What a peculiar thing to state on a skeptic CV.

Justicar said...

Well, far be it for me to question a scientist of her prestige on such matters of cosmic importance . . .