Thursday, July 12, 2012

The End of the World Is NIGH

I don't spend a great deal of time listening to the crazies of the world, but sometimes I can't resist. I also don't try to predict the future too far in advance, but sometimes I can't resist. So, here goes my 'prediction':  the world won't be ending this year. I say this knowing full well that Howard, a regular guy who has no website, isn't selling anything or whatever, but has put the pieces together, might disagree with me. And he's a DJ IRL. So there.

Howard notes that one of the questions he gets is like: 'Where are the signs this is happening'

Oh, my evidence you ask? Sometimes people do ask me for evidence, which is very rude.  Anyway, I have a series of 'just so' pieces of things I can point to which, if not dispositive alone, should form a cumulative case in my favor. I abduce, let's say, that finding calendars for the year 2013 makes the fact that 2013 will come about all but certain! You see, I have noticed this happens year on year - I see a calendar which has some future year on it, and then that future year comes about! Also, I feel it very strongly. There, I've said it. Call it my faith if you'd like to . . . I won't be shouted down!

I realize this isn't quite as strong as thousands of birds dropping dead in 3 states (count them! THREE states) in the United States of 'Mer'ka, but no one ever said the future was set in stone. Except those claiming the end of the world because of the Mayan calendar I mean.

Oh, incidentally, the states where these birds were dropping dead? Louisiana, Kentucky, and Arkansas.  Seriously, have you been there? Can you blame the birds?

Anyway, this is best listened to while hypnogogic, and possibly slightly drunk. (Greg Laden, that's pretty much 24/7 for you!)

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