Thursday, October 20, 2011

Richard Dawkins Is Coming to Visit Me!

Did you know that he's scared to death of debating William Lane Craig (from Jerry Coyne)? So, Craig is putting out a chair at some Oxford shindig for Richard to sit in should he (Richard) so choose.

Well, Richard has accepted the invitation, with dignity. Not only will he not sit in that chair, but he's also got an entire lexicon of places with chairs he won't be sitting in (time permitting).

Therefore, I'm pleased to announce that a lifelong dream of mine is coming true: Professor Richard "The Dick" Dawkins will NOT be sitting in the chair I've set out for him in my shower. Man, I'm so excited. I hope his plans don't get canceled since this was a last minute non-addition to his schedule.

If you set it out, he will not come.


Michael Gray said...

I have quite deliberately chosen to not set out a chair into which Dawkins will not sit.
My native Spirit Guide[1] therefore tells me that Retd. Prof. Richard has no option but to sit next to me in a "mass debate", by virtue of an even-number of negatives.
[1] An Indian with the curious name of Johnny Walker.

Michael Gray said...

Oh: The learned Dick might utter: Q.E.F.!
(quod erat frustrahabendum)

The Justicar said...

That is hysterical. A mass debate by infinite negatives. Remember Craig LOVES infinities.

0verlord said...

I said this over at Prof. Ceiling Cat's, and I'll say it here.  Since when was "I don't want to debate you" not reason enough?  Of course this *is* William Lame Craig, so I imagine he'll continue to stamp his feet in childish protest, but still, I just don't understand.  If it's not an obligation like providing for my family, and I don't want to do something, I *don't.*

bismarket said...

I may have met him, does he have a side kick called "Black Label"?