Thursday, October 27, 2011

Atheists Are Like Donkeys (not a pun)

And that's why we're so lovably unfuckable according to a certain pastor. You see, good Christians are like oxen, docile and compliant whereas atheists are like doneys, rebellious and hard-headed. So, the babble explains why we shouldn't date one another: if you yoke together a donkey and an ox, you don't get any work done. Where the atheist donkey leads, the servile christian will follow. Therefore, to plow the field (use your imagination), you don't yoke unequal animals together because what matters isn't whether the animals get along. No. What really matters is plowing the field and harvesting a new crop. I'm sure this has to do sex.

Of course, one immediately notes this pastor's homily would cause a massive degree of panic for those miscegenists out there, or even those who espouse the virtue of heterosexual marriages. After all, you don't yoke together people who are different, and I'm told that women are from Mars and men like penis. Or some kind of limerickroll. See, gay marriage is awesome because, you know, 1.) bondage, 2.) of similar animals!

Anyway, youtuber soreta yuki does a fabulous job on this piece. Also, he's got coffee, bourbon and cigarettes*. So, you know he's like way cool and fuckable.
Nod to @gingeratheist 
*also, we have cookies, drugs and hookers I'm told. How can you possibly turn that down?

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