Thursday, October 13, 2011

American Cancer Society Can Suck It

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So, always on top of things, I'm bringing you breaking news from two weeks ago. You're welcome. This year alone I've had to give up a couple of charities I have formerly donated to, to include a couple of ones in the atheist community.  RDFRS is still on the list (of course), and MSF is on the list (of course), but the ACS is off the list (of course).  Apparently, the ACS just makes way too much money to decline an offer of roughly half a million dollars from some lowly atheist scum family. Todd Stiefel must be extra special dirty, what trying to donate matching dollars to a cancer charity like that.

I was repulsed!

So, my contribution to ACS likely won't be missed (they're just swimming in money I suppose) because, well, I'm not Todd Stiefel's family.  But I do what I can when I can, and this year when I donate again to MSF, it'll be in the name of the ACS.

So, if anyone wants to hop on board and donate to a charity that does actually need money (and uses it wisely I'm told), donate to MSF in the name of the ACS. Or wherever you donate already, I'm sure they'd love to know the American Cancer Society is supporting them this year.


So, um, for the response to this, please this post.

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Rife1 said...

The American Cancer Society is all about the almighty dollar. The onle reason that thier calling Dr. Royal Raymond Rife a fraud is because they would be out of there lying theavering jobs!
I hope all of you have a good time on earth because your all going to hell !!!!!!
You know, it shure was funny that when anybody needed a new medical tool, that would be the first person they would go to, but gee; after 1937 when this great man discovered how to kill every type of cancer on the planet they called him a quack.
Well let me tell you somthing about the quack. Five years ago, a good friend of mine wifes cat had  leukemia. Now it was not only one vet that told her the bad news, it was three!
 by the time i seen the cat, it could not even get up to go to the litter box. Useing a new type of the rife machine was able to save the cat who is now almost 10 yeas old!
 In short: Anybody that holds monetary value over human life is a total scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!