Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, I Love The Google Machine . . .

And people who have greater competence in it than I have.

Franc Hoggle, among others such as myself, has also been looking into Twatson's background. He found this lovely bit from the google cache of yesteryear.  In addition to having a mastery with language and metaphor I lack, he's also a careful critic, thinker and has a wicked sense of irony.  Check him out if you've not otherwise done so.

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Scented Nectar said...

It looks like not only did she have no remorse for deleting other people's accounts and posts, but even when caught, she acted as though SHE'd been done wrong. Fuuuuuck, maybe she really is a no-conscious sociopath like some suggest. She hasn't been exactly disproving that.