Friday, September 23, 2011

More Starbucks Fun

So, there I was again at Starbucks getting a coffee. I have a t-shirt which has the Mariner's colors on it, but it has two male and two female symbols interlaced with one another and reads in their font, "Homo Mojo". (their motto is SODO Mojo - South Downtown Mojo) I sometimes wear this shirt.

So this religious breeder chick reads it and gives me one of those 'burn in hell' looks. I glance down and notice she's unmarried and not engaged and then say something to her along the lines of, "don't be hatin' on me because I can can get a man and you're a dried up spinster."

So she tells me that being gay is unnatural. It's always complementary in nature: male, female, even with power cords. I must admit, the power cord example is new to me so she gets some credit.

Anyway, I start laughing hysterically and barely managed to say, "You know, princess, 20,000 years ago we learned how to turn around, bend over and grab our ankles. That whole sword fighting (and then I did the fingers bouncing off one another gesture) line isn't actually how it all works."

Cue laughter.

I swear I'm going to have to start charging the patrons at Starbucks for comedy services rendered if this keeps up.

I live in a state with the highest per capita number of atheists (so I've been told), and yet the Discovery Institute is headquartered here, and I not too infrequently run into this chick's variety of religious stupidity. 

I'm like some kind of gay god particle methinks.

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