Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Clever Queers (and queers in the making)

The fact there is a gay agenda (not to be confused with the liberal or Jewish agendas - we have more panache) enticing all the breeder boys in the US in a game of sexual Red Rover is not news to anyone. It is, after all, an open secret. If one googles gay for pay, for example, one will see how widespread this is by watching all of those documentaries on the subject.

But, Star Trek is where it all started (in an interstellar game of Hide the Pickle and Sausage Factory), as is so clearly demonstrated in this video.

Remember, no one is born gay. I wasn't. I was sucked into it like everyone else. Without further ado:
These documentaries are disturbingly frank in their graphic, unedited detail.

Anyone else remember Ellen Degeneres' famous question to Kathy Lee?
Kathy, can I be Frank with you?
Says it all right there.

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