Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Video Games: A Lesson For Life

As my longtime readers (lawl) will be aware, I'm a gamer.  Professionally.  That means people pay me money for things I make an imaginary, pixelated avatar do from my computer that they can see.  This is in and of itself remarkable considering people are willing to throw money my way for my ability to press keys in a particular sequence while barking out orders to others so that they may play more efficiently, and win.  And win a lot we do.

But that's player versus player content. There's also player versus environment, which is a group of people responding to some predetermined set of algorithms.  This is, in my estimation, less challenging since a program can only do so many things. Each person in the team has a designated set of potential functions and sets of abilities available to them, which when used in concert can be brought to bear in a way that we'll call a 'victory' of humans over programs.  The two primary roles are 'tank' and 'healer'; the tank essentially calls the play, and takes it in the face. The healer compensates for everyone else's screw ups and pre-programmed damage the in-game characters will take. Else, that match ends and the players try again.  So, naturally, the tanks are generally expected to have above average knowledge of fight mechanics since their decisions heavily determine what the players do and whether or not a victory is in the making. Anyway, I'll stop prattling and get straight to the lesson in life.

To the extent that so much is placed on the tanks' shoulders is the to extent they have the ability to handle, avoid and mitigate incoming problems.  People generally listen to the tank, or, department head.  What happens when you have a stupid department head and a smart worker bee?  Well, if the department head were smart, he or she would know to listen to the smarter drone. But we've already set up that our tank/department head isn't the brightest of the lot.

How is it that one might deal with such a person? In the real world, one must factor into the equation the continuance of a paycheck. But a well-placed quip can engender a mutiny.

In the ordinary course of affairs, if the tank is unhappy, the group is unhappy and the person making the tank unhappy usually gets cordially invited to leave. Or, in other words, the drones get fired for not heeding what the boss says.  But I'm craftier than the average bear (no pun there; this was a warrior).

Round the first: we had just finished some fight or other where my 'toon' was constantly being selected for mean things to happen to it. The random number generator is sometimes unfriendly, and I've long suspected that gnomes (my toon's race) have a weighted priority for abuse.  Anyway, through some fancy finger-work, and judicious use of abilities with long and short cooldowns, I was highly convenient for a healer to have in the group - meaning he didn't have to pay that much attention to keeping me alive. As a former raid healer, I grew to appreciate damage classes who burn their abilities to spare my attention and available resources compensating for their laziness.

Fight ends. 

I say something like, "sheesh - what is it? pick on the gnome day today?" Everyone has a good laugh since in World of Warcraft gnomes are a hated people by quite a lot of players.  And much loved by others.  So, they're always good for a joke.

Except the tank.  He's a dick. (gender insult there for Nanny Ophelia's pleasure). It might have been PZ Myers trying to squash everyone else's fun.  Anyway, other than the courteous greeting when the randomly selected group was assembled by the game, no one had really said anything beyond "ready?" and "sure, let's do it."

So, the tank says that I talk too much.  So, apparently, three sentences in about half an hour is too much for this douche.

I sow the seeds of doubt, as you can see in this pretty picture. Note the arrow in the picture that I've drawn in; that indicates my damage per second. The top number is the total of everyone in the fight, then me, then the next person, who did less than half my dps.

Then I kick it up a notch.

Round the second, in pictures. Sorry!


ERV said...

LOL What is this I dont even...

Justicar said...

Haven't you played WoW? =^_^=

This is an amusing (to me at least) snippet of my 'working' life.

Spence said...

It all makes more sense after watching this: World of world of warcraft

PS ;^)

Justicar said...

I remember watching this a couple of years ago, and dying laughing. Thanks for bring it back up. =^_^=

John Greg said...

Justy said:

"When I look at the posts, I see at the bottom of each post "# comments and # responses". Do you see that?"

Yes, I do. What I did not see, my bad, was the little "type your comment here" window that opens when you click that link. Blind old man, that's me.

Well, as to the slowness, it's like it was before, but even slower in that there seem to be so many things that want to load separately to the page that it takes about 2 to 5 seconds, depending on I don't know what, to load a page. I know in the big scheme of life 2 to 5 seconds is not even a shallow pot to piss in, but you know how it goes.

Also, where did all the previous comments vanish to?

The Justicar said...

When I look at the posts, I see at the bottom of each post "# comments and # responses". Do you see that?

Also, how slowly is it loading for you? I reduced the number of posts which load by default. Let me know if that helps.

John Greg said...

It's not that it's moderated anyone. It is that all the comments on all the the treads have vanished with whatever the latest changes are that you did to the site. It is also dreadfully slow now -- even slower than before, and I cannot at the moment even find the "comment" button -- though I can find a "reply" button.

The Justicar said...

I have no idea why it moderated you; I have it set to not moderate any comments. Technology! Ack!

ERV said...

NOOOOOO!!! WHERE MAH COMMENTZ??? Ah well, best to get to disqus now rather than lose more comments later :(

My timeless comment:
LOL What is this I dont even...

The Justicar said...

They're in some kind of queue for import on disqus' side. I'm not sure if it's hung up. I tried three times, so I'm giving it the weekend to get through with it before I e-mail them.

Asëa said...

Every time I try this it only leads to a group disband at best, and the usual "kick everyone but the tank first" at worst. One reason I stopped playing. Here's hoping non-trinity groups in GW2 are free of this obnoxious set of group social dynamics.

The Justicar said...

I just wanted to let you know, in case you've not kept tabs, that all of the comments of old have been successfully integrated. (For a while now, I just forgot to tell you!)