Friday, August 26, 2011

Tongue-Punch My Fart Box

I don't know if it's the percocet or if Jenna is funny. Anyway, this one is hurting me.
And a message to Nanny Ophelia

 Edit to add another message to Twatsonistas - it's about the patriarchy

I used to have a cat who also fetched; sadly, the ravages of time have done away with her. She was named Buster. She would only fetch those stupid rubber thumbs one has to sort through the mail.


Spence said...

Jenna is hilarious. At one point I had to convince myself she wasn't poeing (she is a bit OTT at times) but most of her videos make me laugh. I'm sure Awphulia would be pretty upset about the language, though. Tsk.

Justicar said...

I'm watching her 'how to make your tits look great' video. She's hysterical.

Astrokid NJ said...

The second video from Jenna is just wonderful.
Re: OB, I am pretty much done with those neo-puritans. I suspect I should read some psychology book to figure them out (or at least learn something new).

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

I am impressed by (female) equality feminists who actually strive to be put in front-line military service.
I am sure that there are many.
One excellent example of a "no-bullshit"[1] woman who does this is Jen Peeples from the Atheist Community of Austin, who is a test-pilot with the US Air Force.
I truly admire her for her struggle to be as non-hypocritical as she is able.
Jen is a REAL rĂ´le model!

I don't see Benson, Christina, Watson, McCreight and cetera, nor any other plump pink comfortable western whingers volunteering for front-line service, but instead seem content to pay taxes so that underprivileged non-white males can go in their place.
Misandrism, hypocrisy, cowardice, inconsistency and racism all rolled into one.
Why don't they blog about this huge flaw in their phlapdoodle philosophy? (Rhetorical. We all know why, as do they.)
[1] About the highest compliment than an Aussie may bestow upon another human-being.
More prestigious than the VC.