Monday, August 15, 2011

PZ Lyers Is Ubersexist!

So, PZ Lyers put up an article which I'll link to, but if you're anything like me as soon as it loads you'll be taken to an error page; if you're handy with the stop loading button, you can get it to stay still long enough to click on the link on his blog post.  Here's a screen capture of what should be there though.

At any rate, here's the picture he used which he dimwittedly says in hindsight might be taken the wrong way, like he's not trying to stick to it Michele Bachmann in the pie-hole anyway:
The hyperlink on his page takes one to the this article.

Here's a picture of what he had originally written:
You can read all about it here.

[Edit: it appears that the issue involving my screen loading an error page after his blog had finished loading seems to be sporadic. I thought it had resolved, but it's still acting up. This is perhaps just part of the new blog having its kinks (lawl) worked out. At any rate, here's a screen capture to show that I'm not blowing smoke or misrepresenting PZ's blag to make anything seem untoward (more so than just by his posting this shit)]


Woden said...

I get that "Connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" error all the time; it seems to be the default Firefox message when a page couldn't load due to either too slow of a connection on your end, or the server being unable to handle the volume of requests (e.g., if a site is being DDoS'd, and you try to visit it with Firefox, you'll usually see that message, in my experience).

Given all the issues I've heard in regards to FreeThoughtBlogs having difficulties in choosing adequate hosting, I'm inclined to think it's the latter.

Anonymous said...

Chickenshit has pulled the post. Some of his baboons probably took him to task for deviating from approved groupthink.

Justicar said...

Go figure - PZ's a coward and a hypocrite.

I love his nonpology - sorry that you were offended when you misunderstood what I clearly meant to mean something else. But since you are so hypersensitive and mentally slow to take this in a bad way, I will be Mr. Niceguy and take it away as a favor to you and your sensibilities. Mm hmm.

And then he spends the next two hours getting carpal tunnel syndrome patting himself on the back (and beating off to Michele Bachmann deepthroating that weiner).

What a putz.

Anonymous said...

"Putz" is a funny way to spell "cunt".

Justicar said...

Another funny way to spell it P-Z!

I got a million of them!

Spence said...

Having dropped back to lurking, I couldn't resist posting on this over at Abbie's and here. The whole thing is just too funny. Perhaps PZ is just starting to realise who he has got into bed with.

I posted on ERV last night before shutting my computer down, and it dawned on me I'd missed the other story here - Abbie pointed it out shortly afterwards though. PZ went to his new blog home because he was worried about NatGeo censoring his posts. And here he is, censoring his posts like a trooper at the whim of his new friends.

It seems PZ is a little bit fempecked.

Spence said...

A quick google suggests fempecked hasn't been used before. Dibs on the new word!

Justicar said...

The first thing I was going to ask you is if fempecked was coined. That's an awesome word.

You saw it here first, world! Justicar's blog: hard-hitting neologisms in the making, bitches!

I saw you on Abbie's last night. I'm so wiped out, but I'm trying to catch back up on everything.

Glad you chose my place out of all of the ones in the world (right after Abbie's of course) to delurk!

Plus! New word!

Scented Nectar said...

"Fempecked". Excellent word, Spence. I think I'll have lots of opportunities to help spread the word around. :)

Justicar, you know, PZ could easily be the atheist version of what usually happens to religious people who preach about sex, and then some complete opposite-to-their-preaching behaviour gets revealed.

PZ claims to have never had sex with anyone else since his highschool sweetheart who he married and is still married to and in love with. He also holds all kinds of uptight moral views on sexual interactions that lead to people getting together for sex. He claims to not be interested in porn, but that he's ok with it existing except for what he considers 'torture' porn (what's that, his word for BDSM? or some subcategory?).

Could he be one of those 'doth protest too much' types? Like maybe his favourite wank is to 'torture' porn, and maybe he has sex on his frequent travels (within his congregation or more safely from outside it?)?

Anyways, just thinking that it would be funny if he got caught doing that kind of thing someday, like often happens to preachers. :)

I wish he would just be himself, whoever the fuck that is. I thought the picture with hotdogjob was hilarious, and obviously so did PZ. But he's caught up in having to live up to this perfect image acceptable to the feminuts who are his fans now. He has to walk a more and more careful line, the more his fans consist of radfems. EG probably increased those while decreasing logical people. And now he's in deep doo doo with his new majority (?) audience with the weiner pic. :)

Anonymous said...

This "censorship" whine is fucking ridiculous, as pointed out by other science bloggers like science2.0 - PZ does not fear censorship, he fears accountability. Science 2.0 have said he is quite welcome to join them gratis - but he won't. That nasty accountability detail. Having to rely on more than just ad himinem and reductio ad Watsonum is so demeaning to scientist of Myers' stature. ::cough::

Justicar said...

I'm not too keen on thinking of PZ having sex. Just sayin'. Despite his and Twatson's assertions, not every thought that passes through my head involves one or the other of them fucking someone or something.

Franc, anyone who says PZ is anti-censorship is, well, not to be taken seriously. And, of course, I love the ad himinem and ad Watsonum bits.

Of course, you're right to point out that Twatson is stupid. That's why I came up with it. It's not fire with fire per se, but it is use stupidity to mock the stupid. *shrugs*