Monday, August 1, 2011

I Crack Me Up

So, after the coffee debacle of 2011, I'd sworn off a Starbucks store that's closest to me.  I don't change my drink selection but every few years. I'm boring. I get that.  So imagine my surprise when people who've been serving my beverage of choice to me for a long, long time fuck it up.  There is this gal who works there and I think her long-term career plans involve something closely attached to a cash register. It's just a hunch.

I like to get four shots of espresso. Always. Every day. Without fail. But half of the time I run into this lady it's like the first time we've met, and I ordered my drink with "four shots of espresso please."
"So, you wanted an extra shot?"

"No. I want four shots."

"Right, so an extra shot?"

"It is higher than the normal complement, I fully concede. However, to determine the price to charge me simply subtract that number from four and register the difference times the price of an extra shot. In other words, $1.10."

"So, just the one extra shot?"

I decided not to go back there.  I can't have this kind of drawn out process just to get a cup of coffee. I normally travel the extra couple hundred feet to other Starbucks. That's the joy of living in Washington; there's a Starbucks a few hundred feet in any direction you could choose. Note the Washington part; it plays a role in a moment.

Not today. I was lazy, and my airhead was working, so I thought I'd entertain myself at her expense. Little did I know what a goldmine she'd be.

She gives me the price and asks cash or card. I normally pay with a card, but today I decided to switch it up.

"Do you take out of state cash?"

"Um, I'll have to get the manager."

"Ok. I'll wait right'ere" I say not yet sure if she's playing along or not.

Half a second passes and she turns to leave the register, returning moments later with the manager in tow.

Cue queue laughter.

I might have to rethink frequenting this Starbucks if this is how it's going to be.


Phil Giordana said...

Oh fuck!

Thanks to John C. I just got the "out of state cash".



John Greg said...

I'm not an American, so I might be wrong about this. Is the punchline about the fact that different states don't have different cash; all American money is American money?

Or is there in fact something now different from state to state?

Justicar said...

Our currency is standardized federally. But there are a handful of mints in the United States; Washington doesn't have one of them.

Therefore, all of our currency is "out of state".

John Greg said...

Ah, I see. Thanks.

Justicar said...

Sorry for the international people unfamiliar with our currency.

You're welcome, John. =^_^=

Anonymous said...

You'd be amazed at how many people had trouble with the concept of supranational money when the Euro was introduced.