Wednesday, August 10, 2011


She pulled a fast one on us. She's on our side!

Ha ha - psyche!


Scented Nectar said...

Well ain't that cute. I guess she was just kidding (pronounced: belated attempt to save face).

Ever since I found out that she was not only deleting comments but actually CHANGING THE WORDING of other people's comments, I've decided not to ever comment there.

Deleting is one thing, but faking that the other person said this or that is fucking despicable.

Anonymous said...

Must confess I can't work her out. Is she genuinely unaware of the peculiar contradictory things she says?
OK, this is probably not unlike quote-mining, but I still can't get my head round why she "randomly" latched onto Teh Gay as an example in this recent ramble. (In the Comments).

Benson #241: "Yes but. We have to be cautious about that, because it’s so difficult to limit. (I suppose that’s a slippery slope argument, sigh…) You get Leon Kass and the argument from Yuk. Lots of things are intuitively repellent (to some) that we don’t want to veto – homosexuality for instance."

I mean WTF, I could a swore she were a rugmuncher?
And anyone who finds consensual human association for any benign purpose "intuitively repellent" is probably insane and not worth even laughing at. (Mocking the Afflicted, a Bad Thing in my book).

I notice she just catches herself in time there, and says her shit with a little deniability disclaimer tagged on in brackets.

(And people, like Ophidia Bentshot, who *sigh* continually in internet chinwags instantly and ruthlessly get assigned a pair of dayglo popsox and a bedroom full of fluffy toys, in my head.
Yes I've caught you at it too, Boss. Just the once. But in your case, I quite like the idea).

Woden said...


Actually, I have to admit that I, personally, find homosexuality to be somewhat "repellent."

I just happen to have this crazy (and apparently extremely uncommon) notion that my own personal, irrational feelings on issues shouldn't serve as a basis for dictating how others live their lives. Just because I have an illogical aversion to a lifestyle doesn't mean that it should be penalized or treated as unacceptable.

It's kind of funny, since I apparently adhere to the "hate the sin, love the sinner" type of standard a lot more closely than most Christians...

Anonymous said...

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