Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Greta Christina's Trifuckta

You ever watch a really bad version of something that could have been great? Yeah, it's happened to me too.  Right now. How do I know a talk on these matters could be done well? Christopher Hitchens has done them. And done them well he has.

I'm watching Greta Christina give a talk on atheism and sexuality. I'm about eighteen and a half minutes into it and I've thus far learned that there are religions. Some of them have rules on sexual conduct.  There are atheists. Some of these atheists might be interested in sex somewhere down the road.  They shouldn't base those kinds of decisions on what god wants. Oh yeah, also Greta Christina has a penchant for saying things in at least triplicate. Really, this is a 15 minute speech crammed into the small confines of 45 minutes by saying each point treble as many times as is necessary.

Like, if you're going to have sex you should think about the decision and its consequences. Is this right for me? Am I doing this because I want to do this? Am I only doing this because it's what one does? Because someone told me it's next?  Can I set my hair on fire to make this talk interesting? You know - think about things before you do them.  I'll be sure note this in my log.

At 7:00 she notes that it's unhealthy to have guilt over finding people attractive. Well religious guilt that is. Per a recent article she shat upon the interwebz, this clearly doesn't apply to atheists. You know, sexualizing women is a no-no. You know, the one where she wrote a letter to men about helping them to get laid in response to some other woman somewhere being invited to coffee. That one? She says that failing to heed her advice means she will have to:   

have to assume that getting laid is not the point.

Yes. That would be the point; it might even be why the dude in question invited someone to coffee, not a dungeon for a night spank the naughty atheist.

Oh, in case you missed the theme: responsibility is important for atheist sexual morality (see time index 19:10).

Ok, we're back to the idea that a part of an atheist's sexual morality is that it should reality based. This no doubt was foreshadowed by that whole don't base it on what you think god wants your atheist sex to be like bit.

Oh, on pornography. When evaluating the evidence on how pornography might color one's behaviors or morals, it's important to ask the question pornography makes men anymore sexist or misogynistic than the regular media - tv, movies and pop music. She apparently thinks that this is standard society since the question to be asked is if there is any evidence that pornography contributes more to these than just, you know, music and film (no doubt the real culprits) do as much.  And something about evidence. (see 13:00) 6 minutes later she returns to the porn discussion. I kind of gave up watching.
Oh, yeah, and we're back to evaluating sex acts without god, but on the evidence.

The only thing I see in here that is about "atheist sex" of any variety is Greta Christina fucking an audience out of 45 minutes of their lives.

How mentally vacuous must a person be before we stop paying them to read to us shit too stupid for a Hallmark greeting card?  Is this really going to be Christopher Hitchens' replacement?


Anonymous said...

I'm always thrilled to encounter a new sect that frowns on glandular autonomy.
The delicious anticipation of being able to watch their heads turn into Klein bottles, as they try to square the imperative to increase the flock with the self-annihilating strictures of their doctrine.
Hell, even the Skoptsy eventually twigged that delaying Perfection until some of them (the dominant pairs of the troop? Hmm, must nosy about the archives on that) had sprogged once or twice.
When does something as follows become a DeathByPowerPoint presentation at a future TAM ?
"Accordingly, in order "to avoid sexual temptation and sin" the group's men castrated themselves. Just to be on the safe side, they also cut off women's breasts.
Remind me to give the booze-up'n'barbie the bodyswerve that evening.

Anonymous said...

Argh. What you done to me? I read that screed you linked to. I think I'm a tiny bit fascinated now.
She wrote:- "I don't do it with an eager gleam in my fingers." Oh yes!
I'm pretty hip to pomo "irony" and malapropisms-for-style.
And that ain't it. She's mental. Wonderful! Thankyou.

John D said...

I find that Greta can make a very simple point in the maximum possible number of words.

I refer to this kind of writing style as verbal masturbation. She writes to herself and gets great pleasure by moving her hands and engaging her imagination.

The thing is that if masturbation is involved I would rather do it myself. Watching Greta do it through her self satisfied writing ruins my mental erection.

Anonymous said...

I know.
I'm sick of talking about it.
And so should you be.
I don't like starting shit.
Then I do.
I'm not happy about it.
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Well did you know ... ?
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And on ...
Am I right, WonderWoman?

bluharmony said...

What a fascinating topic. But since I've never believed in god, and I've been having sex for 24 years now, I think it's a touch too late. I gave up after five mins.

Anonymous said...

Where's the link to Hitchen's talk? I'd much rather see his take on it...


Justicar said...

Just watch anything he speaks on. He brings up equality and sexuality quite a lot.

And he do it better in 45 seconds than Greta does it in five speeches.

Not Fettling This said...

Yeah, I saw this live when and really fell asleep. The person sitting next to me woke me up as I was falling off the chair. I texted this girl I was into at the time that I was watching Greta talk about sex and kept falling asleep. The girl responded that if I'm watching someone talk about sex and fell asleep then "That bad, huh?"

Not Feeling This said...

To clarify, Greta and sex makes me feel ill.

Still Not Feeling This said...

Please, for all that is holy, don't let this woman give a TED talk.

CornPlanter said...

it seems these conventions are for people who are less than 12 years old and/or retarded, I am sorry.