Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Broken Watches Are Right Twice A Day My Ass! (part douche)

So, Spence mentioned in the last thread that I can simply write the time on the watch and it'll be again right twice a day. This also works on paper, but sound goofier. This lead Michael Kingsford Gray to unequivocally establish his nerd cred.

But I think Spence is wrong. I have a watch that is now correct at all times of the day.


Spence said...

LOL. Now all you need to do is tie a long stick to it and you can change channels again as well!

Justicar said...

Oh em gee! I was thinking of a way to handle that. Unfortunately, my drawing skills are teh sux, so I couldn't get one of those birds like on 'The Flintstones', which was my first thought.

Your solution is elegant. Of course, I have kids so if I want the channel changed, I have little slave laborers. =P

It's like my tweet earlier today. It's the first day back to school, so I tweeted "school's back in. Get to learnin', fuckers! #greatwithkids"