Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Memories I Don't Have

So, one of the side effects of powerful drugs the likes of which are used in level II sedation (that's where the patient remains conscious during a procedure) is memory loss.  So, here are some pictures I snapped from my iPhone during yesterday's ordeal where they were shoving phallic objects into my mouth.

I have no memory of this particular moment, but it appears to be a moment where they were either taken something out or putting something in, and then some pictures when they were testing to see if the work they did had aligned my bite properly.  I'll try to get some better pictures when I go in for the next surgery (I have at least two more surgeries they need to do to complete the work).

Last year, I had veneers put on because, you know, I'm vain and decided to reward myself with veneers following a rather long, personal thing that I swore if I survived I'd finally pony up the money and get them done. It's cheaper in the long-run than laser whitening my teeth every year (assuming I don't get killed by a church van pushing Dawkins out of its way or something).

I decided not to go for the pure Hollywood unnaturally bright style, but for a shade slightly whiter than occurs in nature. They're beautiful I have to say; the work my dentists did on them is truly exquisite. But when they stick a pure white cotton thing in my mouth to test if the shaving they did of my jaw has set my bite perfectly in line, they don't seem as white as they do when I smile.

What do you think, should I go back and have new veneers that are the whitest possible shade, or am I just being hypercritical?


ERV said...

Caption for the last two:

The blog that came from will make you lol :)

Justicar said...

I didn't want to demean my entire gender by inviting anyone to consider whether I'm purdy, and thus, to oppress all menz by noting that it's nigh possible someone might think that we men (even the gay ones) are viewed as people like you womenz iz.

That's an awesome story. I'm going to be adding that to my bookmarks and brogloll (a token nod to "Avenue Q's" you took all my recycrables.

I loled. That doesn't mean much. I laughing earlier when I noticed how bad my mouth was hurting, thus compounding the hurt and the attendant laughter. I think I can see the appeal of being a heroin addict now.

One wonders how you ever make progress in the lab, particularly how boring science is!

ERV said...

She doesnt update the blog often, but when she does-- GOLD.

I unfortunately found that blog when I was ill, too. This meant I spent my time reading the archives, and laughing until I cried/barfed either from laughter or the illness.