Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life With Meaning Without a God

I've been tagged for a video on how it is I find value in living without a god.  I have to say that my first reaction is to reject the grammar of the question as silly. It implies that there is worth of any variety in living with a god conjecture.  But, that might be too hasty.

That a god doesn't exist is a self-evidence proposition, but the concept of a god apparently served some useful function for our evolution. If not positively related to our success, it was at the very least not ruinous to our success.  So, my value in life without a god conjecture is the exact same that a random person would have who has a god. The difference between us is that I don't personify the things that bring to me meaning, awe, rapture and inspiration in the vagaries of a deity who shares in common with me all things I already believe. No. I recognize them for what they are:  aspects of the same confluence of experiences in my brain.

To that extent, knowing something about myself and my place in the universe is what gives me a worth the religious do not have. I require no one's permission to enjoy not being dead.  I don't make divinities out of the commonplace to make noticing it seem to be miraculous. I enjoy the universe for what it is, on its own terms instead of shoehorning onto an entity whose permission I require to notice anything at all.

Or, in video form:

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