Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heading off to Surgery

In case I die from like a freak whatever freaky shit happens while people are digging around inside my body, I thought I'd leave a potential magnum opus dedicated to Twatson - just a way of saying "Love, The Justicar"


Phil Giordana said...

Good luck with the surgery. If we never hear from you again, we promise to make dirty jokes directed at you.

Scented Nectar said...

What kind of operation are you having?

Recover quickly, ok? We need you to help fight assorted lunatics. :)

Astrokid NJ said...

good luck man.. shouldnt be a big deal.. just drifting off to sleep and then docs doing their thing. Its only later when the pain killers wear off that shit hits the fan :-D get your ass back to the computer after that, and you can let the steam off on the opposition :-)

Justicar said...

Actually, Astrokid, I don't do general anesthesia, nor would I unless it was the only option and the surgery were absolutely necessary.

I do not enjoy being unconscious. Life is short as it is, and I'm grateful that I'm not spending a third of mine sleeping like most people do!